I grew up in a Baltimore county neighborhood. Also, lived in Italy for a small portion of my childhood. Started working for bands as a teenager. In the early 1985, moved to Long Island NY with a band and then came back to Baltimore and started working in bars as a barback. Hammerjacks was the third bar I worked in and I was getting paid to see some of my favorite bands ever. I learned a bit about our DJ booth so we could have proper jams as we set up our bars. I would get pulled off the floor to DJ for a bit when one of our guys was running late. When the club got the idea to hold all ages metal shows on Sunday’s, I immediately put a bid in to do it, stating that I was the only one who had the necessary vinyl (my collection was extensive) to do it. I got that gig and also started a Metal Militia group for people to get t-shirts and priority ticket access to future shows. From there, around 1988 I was able to get on the brand new station, 97 Underground as a DJ! My following quickly grew and I brought a friend on with me for a 4 hour show on Sunday’s, that I called the Twilight Zone! With our shenanigans, we became what I used to call, the outlaws of the Underground! Haha we kinda broke a few rules here and there but my show became #1 according to the Arbitron/Nielsen Ratings! It was a crazy little show on Sunday nights from 8pm-12am but we had the most fun and gained quite a bit of popularity despite the small circumference of faithful listeners that our tower could reach. I used to do sing alongs with the King, (Mercyful Fate/King Diamond) Ramones, and The Cult. I would MC some shows as well and got to bring on my favorites, Mercyful Fate and held the cross-boned mic in my hands! Brought on my friend’s band, The Cycle Sluts From Hell and loved the band straight away! Then 1990 happened and grunge was taking over. The music was changing but I hadn’t quite yet. The Twilight Zone was gone. I kept working in bars and back in 2006 started working for bands again but this time it was for the major acts like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Tom Petty, Prince, Motley Crue, STP, Anthrax, King Diamond, just to name a small fraction. Then in 2016 my first opening day (Orioles) in 10 years that I was off and not working at the bar. So I was going to visit tons of friends that were working and I started at my bar but never got to leave on my own. I was quite intoxicated and I was unfortunately shoved and into the street I went. Landing on my head and receiving 3 hemorrhages I was out cold. Sustaining a Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI. Luckily, Shock Trauma was there so quickly. Sadly enough, my vocal chords were scarred from the intubation tubes. No longer can I sing and that is one reason my voice is how it is now. But, I’m back on the airwaves and this time we are internet based and can be heard around the globe! I still work for the bands and our broadway show houses and occasionally work behind the bar. I’m glad to bring you my favorite music from my era and the era when Metal ruled and was just beginning. These were truly, the best of times!